1. Can you describe the liner?  

Sure. The Triplex Liner is composed of two outer layers of fiberglass with an impermeable membrane as the middle layer. The liner is designed this way to provide structural integrity, chemical resistance and impermeability from groundwater infiltration. Epoxy resin is applied to the liner just prior to the installation. Curing takes place by steam heat injection. When the installation is complete the liner is completely bonded to the original existing structure. See how easy that was? 

2. How do you ensure a correct fit?

Good question. Each structure to be lined is individually measured. The liner dimensions are transmitted to the manufacturing facility where the liner is custom manufactured to precise dimensions.

3. Why are Triplex Liners considered permanent rehabilitation?

We're glad you asked! You probably already know that the deterioration in sewer structures is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, (converted to sulfuric acid by a process we won't even bother you with). It literally turns precast concrete into dust and eats away the mortar between bricks. With Triplex Liners, the hydrogen sulfide gas does not affect the liner so you eliminate further deterioration and infiltration. We've been at this for over twenty years. In fact, Ron McNeil, the founder of McNeil Technologies designed this process. He's an awesome kind of brilliant and it works.

4. Do you offer a product guarantee?

Well of course we do and it's a good one! Triplex Liners have a 20 year non-prorated warranty on the liner. We don't expect you to have any issues but if you do, this warranty makes us both feel better.

5. What's the biggest structure you have ever lined?

Yuuuuge! We've actually got a few that we think are worthy of awes and gasps. 

  • 50 ft. diameter sewage pump station three stories deep in Baytown, TX

  • 78 inch diameter by 10 stories deep manhole in St. Paul, MN

  • 30 in diameter by 815 ft. long sewage pipe in Tifton, GA

  • 6 ft. diameter by 70 ft. deep manhole in Edmonton, Canada