Triplex Liners are restoring North America's underground utilities.

cured-in-place manhole, pump station and culvert rehab

The underground infrastructure of North America's utilities are crumbling, leaking and in dire need of restoration. McNeil Technologies produces sustainable solutions for this massive problem. The Triplex Liner System is quick to install, economical, and permanent. It has been successfully installed in hundreds of cities throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Our liners have been designed and engineered to last up to 100 years, almost always in sewage conditions. The Triplex Liner System is the one time permanent solution for your utility. Our licensees offer a pilot program to get your project started. Experience the big difference that the Triplex Liner System can make.

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The Triplex Liner System is the ultimate solution for pump station, manhole and culvert cured-in-place rehabilitation. Triplex Liners can be installed in a few hours and are backed by an industry leading warranty of 20 years - unconditionally and non-prorated. We provide installations throughout the United States, Canada and Australia through our network of certified Licensees. We are currently adding Licensees in the United States and Canada. Contact us at 850.460.0474 or email: for more information.