City leaders attend Texas demo

City leaders, public works officials and engineers frequently attend Triplex Liner job sites. There, they see first hand the level of detail and quality that goes into a Triplex Liner installation. Here Ron McNeil, founder, talks to the attendees and explains the process. We believe in education and offering a quality product that permanently solves manhole deterioration problems.


Severe Chemical Deterioration

Just how deteriorated can a sewer manhole be? Take a look at this photo. A manhole like this is structurally unsound and in danger of collapse due to severe chemical corrosion. Raw sewage can leak out of the structure and conversely, fresh groundwater can infiltrate the structure thereby requiring that fresh groundwater be treated as sewage. We will high pressure clean it, removing all loose debris, and structurally line it in one day. All of the above mentioned problems will be permanently solved. That's what we do.